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Every region around the Mediterranean has its own form of fresh white cheese, usually produced from local milk adding a slight variety from one place to the other. Here at Baladia we produce them with Belgium fresh milk, and we are here to introduce few of the favorite ways to enjoy fresh Mediterranean cheeses and yogurts.

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Frequently asked questions

1I have problems consuming milk, can I eat Baladia Cheese?

Definitely. Cheese is a by-product of milk with totally different characteristics where casein is the main ingredient and most natural bacterial in the milk have been killed. The cheese acidity is much lower than that of milk. You can get your daily calcium need from Baladia Cheeses without upsetting your stomach.

2Do Creamy and Soft Cheese (Labne) have more fat?

Cream Cheese (Labne) have three time more fat than yogurt. However, this is the good fat that your body needs.

Laben is also very rich in Protein (20%) and rich in calcium. It has a mild sour and salty taste, just enough to give it a savoury flavour.

3What are the recommended daily consumptions?

One serving (2 slices) of Baladia Cheeses is equivalent to one cup of milk. For babies age 1 to 5, two servings of Baladia cheese is equivalent to their daily need of milk. Pregnant women and teenagers need four cups pf milk daily, which can be substituted by 4 servings of Baladia Cheeses. Older people need 3 servings of Baladia Cheeses for daily need of Calcium

4Can I eat Baladia Cheese while on a diet?

If you are trying to loose weight on a high protein diet, we recommend for you using Baladia Cheeses, Labne, and Yogurt.

Use Baladia Cheeses for all your daily meals and snacks to provide your body with the needed protein and energy, as a vegetarian substitute for red and white meat.

During your diet, you must reduce the salt content in Baladia Cheese by washing or soaking the cheese in fresh cold water

5How to serve Baladia Halloume, Mshallali and Majdouli cheese?

Halloume can be served with almost everything on the table in particular fresh fruits such as watermelon, grapes, or jam. Mshallali and Majdouli are the Lebanese version of Mozzarella. However, to better serve it you must reduce the salt of the brine. To do that simply wash or soak Baladia Cheese in fresh cold water just before consuming it to keep it firm.

1How to store Baladia Cheeses and Yogurts?

Baladia Cheeses and Yogurts are of the Fresh Cheese Family. Their life is short once the container is open. You must always store the packaged material whether it is open or sealed in a refrigerator under 7 degrees celsius. Once the package is open you must consume the Baladia Cheeses and Yogurts within 3 to 5 days.

2How to extend the life of Baladia Cheeses?

To extend the life of an open container of Baladia Cheese or Labne, you can always soak the cheeses in Olive oil which will extend the life to more than a month. In the case of Labne you can keep the open contain in the refrigerator and pour olive oil on top of the labne.

An alternative method is to freeze the cheese in a freezer below 0 degrees, this will extend the life of Baladia cheese for months and you can still use after defrosting into your favourite pizza or heated sandwich.

3Which Baladia Cheese can be Grilled or Toasted?

Balladia Halloume and Naboulsi cheeses can both be grilled on a pan or in a barbecue. The cheese will keep its form and will not melt. From here you can use your creativity to make special dishes and sandwiches or add the grilled halloume or naboulsi on top of your favourite salad.

Baladia Akawi Cheese and Baladia Mshallali can be heated much like mozzarella cheese, they melt and are perfect on a pizza or in a toasted sandwich.

4How to use Baladia Labne (Cream Cheese)?

Labne is a soft cream cheese extremely delicious and high in protein and good fat, its german closest resemblance is 'Quark'

Baladia Labne is traditionally served with most dishes in Lebanon. It is perfect for a sandwich with olive oil, tomatoes, and lettuce. It can also be served on a plate with a sprinkle of olive oil, mint, thyme and/or onions. You can also use it anywhere you use sour cream with Salmon, Salad Dressing, Chip & Dip, etc.

5What can I do with Baladia Yogurt?

Baladia Yogurt is unique for its ability to be cooked at high temperatures without breaking. Baladia Yogurt can be used in a hot stew meal, can also be used to marinate raw chicken to add a peculiar taste.

Baladia Yogurt is a perfect remedy for intestine flora problems. It can be taken as a whole any time in the day, you can add chopped fruits, you can mix it with sugar, or you can dilute it with water in ½ quantity. We also recommend substituting milk with Baladia Yogurt with your cereal meal

6What will happen if I consumed expired Baladia Cheese?

Absolutely nothing. Expired Baladia cheese is not a health hazard. The taste will not be as agreeable.

Nevertheless, we advise you to keep your Baladia Cheeses and Yogurts well stored under 7 degrees and avoid eating it if you see fungi starting to form on the surface


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