Baladia cheese factory

Baladia Baladia cheese factory
March 7, 2017
Baladia Baladia cheese factory
May 3, 2017
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Baladia cheese factory

Baladia Baladia cheese factory

The Baladia cheese factory in Gembloux

The cheese dairy project began in November 2014, following the fact that it was difficult to find traditional Lebanese cheeses in Belgium. Two years later, the cheese factory processes approximately 15,000 liters of milk per week. This milk comes from a dairy farm near Gembloux. It is pasteurized and then processed into cheeses and yogurts according to family recipes from Lebanon.

A lot of different cheeses are produced: naboulsi & halloume (cheese to grill), majdouli (equivalent to mozzarella), double cream (which contrary to what its name indicates is not fat and is identical to ricotta), labne (white cheese spread) nature, as well as yogurts, ayran (yogurt to drink) and ghee (clarified butter). All these dairy products are manufactured under supervision of Mrs. Rima Khalil. The company is totally family-owned.

The clientele consists mainly of people who know the products (Lebanese, Syrian, Mediterraneans) which all started by tastings in stores (in Gembloux, Bierges or Brussels in particular), Mrs. Khalil cheeses are also increasingly appreciated by Belgian consumers.
The company also exports part of its production in France, the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden. Many products are still in the cartons: ricotta and goat milk cheeses, yogurts on fruit beds (in collaboration with a local fruit producer).

Baladia is in the process of expanding the factory and is expected to become able to deliver soon its cheese products to most European markets.

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